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Two armies, tilted towards co-
impaction. Paolo Uccello’s Battle of San

Panel one and panel three stand apart,
left in London, right in Paris.
Abstractions permitted.

We can travel by train between them,
see one, go back, see the other – exist
in the painting’s narrative duration – 8
hours – the passage of a day’s work.

circle – journey
rectangle – panel, letter, floor
triangle – thought

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Stag beetles, lighter than a pair of
kid’s sunglasses.
Locked together by the horns: a
slow, ineffective scramble to
combat the surface of the other.

In the garden, leaf-edges beneath
them go unmoved, almost.

3 of 3 analogous things


Dance partners,
Argentine tango.
[The music has started, no exchange of words]

Their weight is passed across their
close embrace, thus the bodies
perform in a way they could not
when stood alone. All contact
points of the body behave as ears.

Eyes are closed.