Common Ground (2016)
16mm on HD
12 minutes


Common Ground circles the evolutionary narrative of a live expanded film work within a single channel. It appraises the film’s relation to sound and image, act and material, archive and intimacy at once layered between subject and audience, through common and remote territories.


A subtitle narrative reflects the written email correspondence / artist’s proposal to a resident of a Scottish eco-community where the filming took place, in the run up to the live work. 


Conceived and commissioned for a live film event at the ICA programmed by Lucy Reynolds around histories of feminist experiments in sound, film and performance using landscape – an offsite accompaniment to the exhibition programme, ‘The sun went in, the fire went out: landscapes in film, performance and text’, curated by Karen Di Franco and Elisa Kay at Chelsea Space, University of the Arts London. The online version was a Fire Station residency digital commission from ACME artists studios.