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BFI Experimenta Mixtape Curated by Holly Antrum screened BFI Southbank 24.03.23 click here: PROGRAMME NOTES (pdf)



UPDATES 2020 – 2022


UKRAINE FUNDAISER – PRINT SALE (email for a PDF) – all proceeds to Artists at Risk



Rescheduled: Intersections in Theory, Film and Art – Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen, curated by Oliver Fuke and Nicholas Helm-Grovas at Camera Austria, Graz, opening June 2022. A new artist commission for Camera Austria responding to the notebooks of Peter Wollen through research with the British Film Institute (BFI) Scripts, Documents and Ephemera archival collection.



Catalogue (2012-2014) will feature in the forthcoming exhibition A Century of the Artist’s Studio: 1920 – 2020 at The Whitechapel Gallery, London – dates to be announced in 2022.



Catalogue (2012-2014) mentioned in The Dance and Movement Work of Jennifer Pike Cobbing – Economies of Effort and Vitality Dynamics by Scott Thurston, University of Salford, Manchester published June 2021 (link here)




New work on CLOUDS and TRACKS Audio Circular transfer 7 June 2021




RESEARCH CALL OUT (January 2021)

Looking for Czech and Slovak interview participants – Research for a new artist film, or screenplay (depending on Covid restrictions during the PhD project)…
People in the following categories are of interest to this research:
– Women born in 1976
– Citizens active in the dissent of 1989
– Current Czech and Slovak film / TV workers with memories of the communist era
– Translators with memories of the communist era
– Persons connected with the Czech Television Crisis (Dec 2000 – Feb 2001)
– Able to narrate in a personal capacity
The research is particularly centred on gaining a picture of women’s historical perspectives intersecting with media histories and adolescence at the time of the revolution, including everyday experience and biographical events.
The interviews will be tailored where possible to different interviewees. Translator support optional*.
Audio-recorded interviews conducted through online or in-person interviews. GDPR compliant study and full anonymity options have been considered.
The doctoral project (Techne AHRC) is in collaboration with the British Film Institute. Based on this research, the resulting fiction writing is intended to eventually ‘speak to’ items in the BFI archives through this character development activity.
I would be very happy to hear from interested parties and have further information documents (in English) which can be exchanged over email.
*Also seeking translator and a transcriber for any Czech or Slovak language interviews (paid).
please contact for further information.




Last copies of Outside Noise (second edition, 2016) are on offer free of charge to libraries and community-run spaces. Glasgow Women’s Library, The Scottish Poetry Library, UCL Special Collections, Public House Birmingham, University of Lancaster Zine Library, LUX Library, Kingston School of Art library and the Royal College of Art library are recipients so far. Please contact me if you are interested to receive one for any space where research around women in Concrete Poetry may be sought regarding Jennifer Pike Cobbing and/or women artist filmmakers and collaboration discourses. This is the small publication edited with Jonathan P Watts was issued for two exhibitions of Catalogue (Grand Union, Birmingham, 2014 and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop 2016).




Awarded Solidarity Fund grant – The Artist’s Union England (July 2020)




Archive closures due to Covid-19 pandemic have affected PhD researchers across the UK. My research has been obliged to shift during the lockdowns and closures at the BFI – a new PhD abstract reflecting my current research project is published on the Centre for Useless Splendour website, KSA and TECHNE web pages. Link here




New work in Art Licks Magazine (launched February 2020)




Essay in print, Mapping Catalogue – A Film in ‘Verbi Voco Visual’, Tinted Window magazine, no.2




Work/Live complete! ACME Fire Station Residency finished in February (2015-2020)

Photograph by Holly Antrum, projection of William Raban’s Firestation (courtesy of the artist) projected at the Fire Station during Art Licks Weekend 2017.


Read more about ACME Fire Station Residency here




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